Using e-mails with your own personal domain name is far more convenient plus it'll provide you with more trustworthiness as a firm if you correspond with partners. Such an email address will also look way better in the event that a random visitor on your web site contacts you by using a commentary form and you'd like to reply. How effortless it is to take care of your email correspondence can often be as important as the quality of the service, as some hosting Control Panels make it very difficult and time-consuming to perform easy duties like providing anti-spam security or forwarding your emails. That is why, you should use an e-mail service that will permit you to access everything easily and which will help make the control over your email messages quick and simple.

Advanced E-mail Manager in Website Hosting

The email service, which is an element of our website hosting packages, is managed via a feature-rich Email Manager tool where you will be able to access virtually everything you may need regarding your e-mail accounts. The tool is a part of our tailor-made Hepsia Control Panel and we've developed it with the concept to supply as many attributes as possible with a user-friendly interface. You can see all mailboxes that you have made listed in alphabetical order and with a peek you will be able to see whether they're forwarded, whether they are catch-up or whether they have functioning anti-spam protection. Adjusting any of these features requires just a few clicks. By right-clicking on a mailbox, you can access context menus with more complex attributes like SPF protection. Your Email Manager will also allow you to access the webmail or download auto-configuration files for widespread mail apps like Microsoft Outlook and / or Apple Mail.

Advanced E-mail Manager in Semi-dedicated Hosting

All of our semi-dedicated server plans come with an efficient Email Manager tool that will provide you with access to an array of attributes related to your e-mail addresses. Since the instrument is a part of our custom Hepsia website hosting Control Panel, it also comes with the same easy-to-use and intuitive interface, so that you'll be able to control your email communication with ease even when you have never had a hosting account before. You will be able to generate or delete a new mailbox with two clicks and right-clicking on a current one gives you access to more advanced features like forwarding, anti-spam protection and creating a catch-all mailbox. More advanced users may use the Email Manager to set up and take care of mailing lists or activate SPF protection for a specific domain. In the very same section you may also access the webmail with a few clicks or download auto-configuration files for widespread email clients like Apple Mail or Outlook.